The 2020’s CTF will at again be held by FluxFingers, the CTF Team of Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany). This will be the 11th CTF held by the FluxFingers. The topic is Pwnhub (don’t worry it’s safe for work).

FluxFingers logo


Everyone may participate remotely (as it’s 2020 covid edition).

For updates concerning the CTF follow us at @fluxfingers.


The CTF will take place and last 48 hours:

  • Fri, Oct. 23, 13:37 UTC — Sun, Oct. 25, 13:37 UTC





The CTF event will be ‘‘challenge based’’, i.e. the CTF is separated into small tasks that can be solved individually. The scoreboard will be web accessible and no VPN is required. We are trying our best to give all participants a delightful experience, the covered topics are somewhere around crypto, web security, reverse engineering and binary exploitation.

We are looking forward to seeing you participate - locally or from remote. Direct your questions to somebody at our booth or on IRC (#fluxfingers on freenode).


  • Each challenge gives a dynamic amount of points based on the number of solves.
  • No DoS/automated scans/large amounts of traffic/deleting stuff on our servers.
  • If you find something that solves too easy it might be a bug. Please report it for possible bonus points.
  • Do not share flags or solutions with other teams. We will not tolerate flag sharing.
  • If you break the rules we will kick your butt and remove all your points. Promised.