Sponsoring hack.lu 2023

hack.lu and CTI summit offer a unique opportunity to reach users, organisations and teams working on threat intelligence challenges. Through sponsoring the conference, you help the members of the threat intelligence community to work together, exchange idea, improve capabilities and improve the field.

Your sponsorship of the conference can also provide immediate, concrete benefits to you and your organization.

Hack.lu Sponsoring Packages

  • Ebony Sponsor is 25000 Euro which includes CTI Summit and hack.lu sponsoring together.
  • Falun Sponsor is 7500 Euro or more. This incorporates big logos on printed matters and the website, 5 free entrances to the conference, stand in the hallway.
  • Cardinal Sponsor is 5000 Euro. Medium logo on printed matters and the website. 3 free entrances are included and small stand in the hallway.
  • Scarlet Sponsor is 2500 Euro. Medium logo on the website. 1 free entrance.
  • Social Event Sponsor is 10000 Euro. The event will be in the evening of the first day. It includes the same perks as the Falun package, but with specific visibility during the well-visited social event.

All sponsoring prices mentioned are excluding VAT.


Contact us at info(AT)hack(DOT)lu if you want to sponsor hack.lu

We are open to any specific partnership proposals as well. Do not hesitate to get in touch for any inquiries.